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Do you have a crooked or crowded smile? Are you experiencing difficulty flossing in between your teeth? Braces can help you correct these (and more!) alignment issues.

No matter what age you are, Dr. Jovan can straighten your teeth with the advanced style of braces that we use here at Jovan Orthodontics. While Dr. Jovan has been treating children and teenagers with braces for over a decade in Round Rock, adult braces are now the fastest-growing age group entering the world of orthodontics. Some of our most valued clients age all the way from age 6 to 80 years old!

Braces are the most common form of orthodontic treatment, and rightly so! They are highly effective and deliver outstanding teeth straightening results while restoring your bite’s function and preventing future health problems.

As part of our orthodontic care, we are proud to offer four types of braces for people of all ages, including:

Through our modern approach, you and your family will achieve a beautifully straight smile as we cater to your personal needs and smile goals.

Damon® Clear Braces

More than meets the eye

Introducing Damon® Clear – the passive, self-ligating bracket whose beauty is more than skin deep. Damon® Clear combines the look and comfort image-conscious patients demand.

Damon® Clear Braces are the best Clear Braces that you can find in Round Rock and in the world today.

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Many research studies have shown that Damon® Clear Braces are more than meets the eye. These clear braces used at Jovan Orthodontics are truly a cut above the rest. Damon® Clear Braces beat their competitors in that they are:

  • Completely aesthetic and clear with no metal parts and pieces on them like other “clear Braces” have
  • They are made out of a special material that is resistant to staining from coffee, mustard, red wine, and other agents
  • Advanced technology allows our clear braces to work with low friction and light forces, which decreases pain and moves teeth faster

What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment and find the ideal orthodontic solution for your family.

Two women hugging and smiling while one of them wears Damon braces
‘‘Dr. Jovan did braces for me as an adult. My family says I smile so much more now and I am getting a lot of compliments. I have never before had anyone compliment my teeth! Dr. Jovan makes it a great experience and gives you amazing results!!’’

Bonnie H.

Metal Self-Ligating Braces & Fun Colored Braces

A modern twist on traditional braces.
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Self-ligating braces utilize advanced technology known as sliding-door technology.

This advanced brace technology offers patients of Dr. Jovan many benefits to their brace’s treatment plans.

Take a look at our self-ligating options:

  • Metal Self-Ligating Braces

    The benefits of metal braces are:

    • Less pain for patients
    • Quicker times in treatment
    • Better results
    • Broader and more pleasing smile results…the true hollywood smile
    • Less tightening of braces, so less missed school and work time
    • No elastic or steel ties are used with self-ligating brackets. This means
      • Less plaque accumulation
      • Less cavity risks for teeth
      • Easier brushing methods
      • Less white spot risks to teeth
  • Fun Colored Braces

    To make your time in braces more memorable and fun, some of Dr. Jovan’s patients want to dress their braces up with fun colors. Most of our young patients in braces feel this is one of their most fun parts of their brace’s experience. Even some adult patients of Dr. Jovan’s have been known to go wild and add colors to their braces.

    Patients can choose to make their braces as individual as they are with the use of colorful bands and elastics at each of their tightening appointments.

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